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Denver’s finest youth sports strength and conditioning training program. We train athletes to excel in their chosen sport.



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Elite Coaching for all Lifestyles and all levels of fitness. Our programs can support any age in making healthy practices a harmonious part of your life. We focus on a client-centric approach that drives results, is affordable, and supports you as you grow. Our Owners are Trainers who care!

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So in the four months since starting I lost 40 pounds with diet alone. I know everyone wants to work out and go to the gym, but if you only have will power for one thing right now, I say fix your diet! The energy and willpower will come after you've cleaned up your eating habits!

Nate - Nutrition Only Consultation

March 2017

Coach Mary is amazing!! She has worked with me for quite some time improving my gymnastic skills! I feel my improvement is beyond what I expected!!! She's so helpful, kind, encouraging, and patient! Absolutely love her!!

Tamara - Adult Gymnastics


Game Ready is an extension of what we try to teach our kids (Tristen). It encompasses hard work, team work, dedication all while learning new skills and of course having fun. Game Ready isn't sports specific, rather, it trains each athlete to be able to handle anything that is thrown at them, be it on the field or in life. Mary and CJ have been strong mentors for T; they have given him tools that will only help him be successful. We recommend Game Ready for athletes of all experience, what a great program this is for our community.

Rich & Anne - Youth Sports Performance

February 2017

Game Ready fitness is different than any other sport or activity I have ever put any of my kids in. It is about your child's growth as an all around functioning athlete, mentally and physically. Game Ready teaches body movement, teamwork and discipline in a way that kids aren't typically taught in an entire team setting. The kids are pushed beyond their perceived boundaries safely. As a parent, I can say this is a special program. It isn't in place to help the gym "earn a few extra bucks, so let's hit the teen market." CJ and Mary are authentically all about these kids and their goals. They actually like the kids and are having fun coaching them.

Brandi - Youth Sports Performance

February 2017

In a month I’ve lost a couple pounds and have noticed a change in my waist size as well. My clothes are fitting different now than they did a month ago. I wish I would’ve measured before I started.

Jessica - Game Ready Online

January 2017

Bottom line is I FEEL stronger. I can BREATHE better. I FEEL better. I have more energy. I am not dying to stop 5 minutes after I start. I have now dropped 10.3 pounds in a month and a half. Honestly…the pounds don’t matter to me. I am just super excited about the energy I have, how much more I can do in a day, the jeans that are falling off of me, and hiking through Olympic next fall. I am really excited about the physical shape that my body is coming back to and I am so thankful to Game Ready Fitness for it.

Mindy - Game Ready Online

December 2016

Much respect for Mary and CJ. Your Professionalism and level of commitment to these kids is amazing. I'm so proud and honored that you guys are coaching my son! I've noticed that he is putting in his all and more. Before he was struggling to finish workouts and with you guys it is like 0 to 100. He is really excited!

Juan - Youth Sports Performance

January 2017

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