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Coach CJ, Owner

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Coach CJ, Owner

Our feature athlete this time around is the Co-Owner of Game Ready Fitness, CJ. CJ comes from a football background but still holds High School records from his track days. As a friend and Co-Owner, he’s second to none, and Game Ready would not have become a reality without him…but here’s YOUR chance to get to know him a little better.
First, Give us a little background about yourself…
I’m an ex college football player that now works in industrial sales as well as pursuing my passion with Game Ready Fitness. I also played Semi Professionally and got to be a professional football player in an NFL facility for about 3 days while attending Rookie Mini Camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 
I’ve always been an active person but playing collegiate sports really drove fitness into my life and now I can’t live without it. 
What is your Profession?
I’m a salesman and an entrepreneur! I’m incredibly excited to be able to say entrepreneur. 
img_0464What does fitness mean in your Profession?
When it comes to my sales role fitness means a ton. A vast amount of my time is spent behind the wheel of a car or walking a manufacturing facility. These facilities can be very small or very large. I’m talking square miles large, so having a base level of fitness is important in being able to tour a facility while talking business and attempting to close it at the same time. Also, just having the energy to stay alert and awake behind the wheel of a vehicle is extremely important and I feel like being fit plays a role in that. 
Do you eat a certain way or follow a particular nutrition plan?
I’ve toyed with multiple types of diets. I tried Paleo, which is still sort of my baseline. I’ve also tried Ketogenic, but now I’ve settled on a flexible type of “If it fits your macros.” I’ve determined what is a good amount of carbs, fat and protein for me to eat each day and been sticking to that for a few months now. I do indulge in the occasional donut or ten though. 
What are your hobbies?
I love to workout, which right now I do Crossfit. I found that it really fits perfectly with what my goals are for how I feel and look. I also enjoy getting out and playing flag football, snowboarding, hiking; really anything that involves moving. Last but not least, I love playing with my 3 year old son. 
Did you have an influential coach or mentor that made a big impact on your sports career?
My most influential coach was my Defensive backs coach from college. Coach McFadden was a perfectionist in terms of our technique and efficiency playing our positions. While good enough will frequently get you by, he demanded more from all of his players. Every step and misstep was played over and over during our position meetings. While you are a college athlete it can feel like you’re never good enough, but as you age and mature you realize what he was doing. Creating a mind state that “you are never a finished product. You can always improve” That’s had a profound impact on me since graduating college.
Do you have a memory from your athletic career that was a turning point for you?

I never had a turning point in my athletic career that distinctly changed its path but rather a bunch of little moments that stand out. Like when I played arena football I made it a habit of going to practice with a plan to get better at a particular thing each day. 

Or when I was in college I would make an incredible play, not in the sense that it was spectacular, but rather that my athletic ability would take over my minds ability to process what was happening and I would make a play without thinking. Little things like these stand out to me and are lasting lessons. I learned to trust my instincts. I learned to always have a plan. One of my new favorite sayings is “failing to make a plan, is making a plan to fail”. 
Any advice you want to share with others?
I would say it’s important to have regular healthy habits. For me that involves going to the gym or working out in general. Huge stress release for me and an overall daily vacation. The physical stress of a workout removes any mental stress from the work day. It also puts what seems large at work into perspective for me. If I can push through muscle fatigue or at times muscle failure, then getting that report done is nothing. Healthy habits breed healthy lifestyles. Not to mention the self esteem bump I get from hitting the gym hard and getting abs out of the deal. 
So that rounds it out for the partnership and for the owners’ athlete features. If you’re like us, you’re less interested in hearing about us and more about the folks that don’t do fitness stuff as a part of their job. Well, we’ve got that too. For the months ahead we have some awesome interviews with a professional musician, a professional Chef, cirque du soleil performers, the guy from the Coors commercials (tank coordinator) and a lawyer and a physical therapist to name just a few. We’ll be dropping hints of who is up next and when on our Instagram so follow us @gamereadyfit and stay tuned to our blog.

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