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Workout 03/01/17

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Workout 03/01/17

Warm Up

5 Min EMOM (Perform all 3 movements in 1 minute, starting over every minute)

10 Skaters

10 Frog Hops

5 air squats


Your Daily Workout

5 Rounds for Time

12 Lateral Burpees

12 Doorway Rows

12 Star Jumps

Track B: Replace Doorway Row with a Dumbbell Bent Row

Coaches Note: Focus on your breathing today. With the burpees and the star jumps you will find yourself wanting to hold your breath to brace for these movements…DON’T! Bracing will only cause you to become short of breath faster than is necessary.  Smooth breathing will be smooth movement.  “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast”


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