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Asha Mevlana – Part II

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Asha Mevlana – Part II

Asha Mevlana

If she hasn’t blown you away already there’s still more on the kickass woman, Asha Mevlana.  Today we’re going to catch up with Asha on what she does to stay fit both physically and mentally. If you haven’t already had your intro then take a look at our Part I feature where she touches on her background and career. Talented and beautiful seem like cop-out statements having met her…the woman is remarkable and with every question she demonstrates a depth that is truly something beautiful to behold.

Photo credit: @sheldonbship

What are your hobbies?

I love to travel whenever I can and I love adventures– anything to push me out of my comfort zone. My schedule is very different from most of my friends so I tend to travel by myself a lot.  My last couple trips have been – traveling to Colombia by myself for a month to learn salsa. Traveling to Thailand for a month to learn Muay Thai and going to Nepal by myself for an 11-day mountain biking trip. 

[Asha’s YouTube Channel features a number of the trips she mentions above. We were impressed to hear she took on a mountain biking trip in some crazy altitude and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the trip was as hard as we imagined.]


Any advice you want to share with others? (ie. How to manage stress….something you practice every day or regularly that helps you…)

I attended my first 10-day silent meditation about 5 years ago. It was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done, especially since I had never meditated before. When I left, I swore I would never attend another one and would probably never meditate again. But after a month, I realized how much I had changed at a very deep level. In fact my parents and some of my friends noticed such a change in me that they decided to attend one as well. Six months later I had signed up for another one. I now do about 1-2 per year. It helps me feel centered, more balanced and happier. I now meditate in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed at night. For those who have never meditated before and want to, I would recommend an app called Head Space. It’s fun and an easy introduction into meditation. 

One of the things that is being taught in the 10-day is compassion. During my first 10-day meditation where I could meditate for up to 12 hours/day, I realized that while I had compassion for others, I had no compassion for myself. And my internal dialogue up until that point was actually harmful — I would never speak to any of my friends the way I spoke to myself. And so began a deep change of being kinder and more loving to myself that has continued until today. 


Take-away from today…img_0371

At Game Ready Fitness we want you to connect with yourself again and what you are truly capable of. We want you to be happy doing what you love to do … even if that means being the best lawyer, doctor, artist, or musician out there. For everyone it’s going to be different but to expand on what Asha has laid the groundwork for, sometimes it’s about doing a little something for yourself and treating yourself a little bit better. So maybe this week you steal an extra 20 minutes or so for yourself and try that Head Space app she mentions. At minimum, give yourself some much deserved credit where it’s warranted.

Believe it or not there’s still more from the beautiful Asha Mevlana to come so come back soon!

(Feature photo compliments of @sheldonbship…thanks, man!)



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