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Asha Mevlana – Part IV

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Asha Mevlana – Part IV

Asha Mevlana

Before reading on, make sure you catch up on this amazing and talented athlete in our Part I, Part II and Part III features of Asha. As a touring professional musician and truly one of the kindest people you’ll ever encounter….well… she takes world-class to a whole new level.

Photo credit: @sheldonbshp

**nerd alert** if you’re a fan of TSO and music in general, here’s your obligatory groupie/gear head question that Asha graciously answered along with some closing remarks on our fun feature of the fabulous Lead Violinist, Asha Mevlana, for the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

What equipment are you currently using on tour? (2016)

This year I am using a 5-string Yamaha electric violin. I have several bows that I use — carbon fiber Glasser bows, an LED light up bow and regular wood bows. I go through these pretty quickly during shows. I used to send them out to get rehaired, but that was getting expensive, so now I just have a bunch because sometimes I will go through 2 bows per show. The ones I can’t use any more, I usually give them to a little kid in the signing line. At home I usually play a 7-string electric Viper violin and play through a Boss GT-10 pedal board.

[Dare you to find someone who rocks Mozart better than she.]

Closing Remarks

We can’t thank Asha enough for taking the time to answer our questions and share her story. She epitomizes the busy professional that still finds a way to workout, eat healthy and inspire others by sharing her gifts and spreading kindness. As fate would have it, we couldn’t have asked for a more stunning athlete to join our feature. There are so many dimensions to her that it was hard to give her credit where all credit is due. We didn’t even get to mention that she’s a Life Coach as well!

Asha – Thanks! Our next challenge for you is to come learn, first hand, what our fitness world is about and see if we can up your badass status a few notches more. Until then, keep rockin’ girl.


Angus Clark and Asha Mevlana of TSO with Game Ready Owner Mary


Make sure to follow Asha on her YouTube Channel, on Facebook or @ashamevlana for Instagram and Twitter. Her website features more of her recently released “Amplified” Tiny House so head on over to ashamevlana.com too. You’ll also find more information about her Coaching and how she can help you drive positive change in your life to find the best version of you! (Our humble opinion – there isn’t a better person around to empower you!)


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