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2017 Mid Year in Review

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2017 Mid Year in Review

Thank you’s…

In case we have not said it enough already – we are thankful to our family, friends and partners for their efforts and interests in Game Ready Fitness. To the owners and communities of CrossFit MOB and CrossFit MadHops – Thank you for your enthusiasm and support! To every single person who has asked us, pitched us, referred us, given us contact information for corporate programs, bought a tee shirt, reviewed our marketing material, encouraged our kids during class and worn our gear to other events – Thank you! And specifically – to Lauren, Silas, and Matt (and Rosie) – thank you for dealing with our schedules, our changes, our stress, our endless work hours and the countless minutes we’ve spent together instead of with you – thank you.

With that being said we’ve come a long way in a short time and we are not done yet!

What is…

We LOVE our Youth programs and will continue to drive them towards growth so that we can fill our hearts with what we are so passionate about – Youth Sports Performance. In case you didn’t know, we have multiple programs right now!

  • @CrossFit MOB we have Youth Sports Performance at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 11am on Saturdays and Sundays
  • @CrossFit MOB we have GameReadyFIT at 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • @CrossFit Mad Hops we have GameReadyFIT at 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • please visit our website gamereadyfit.com or contact us at contact@gamereadyfit.com if you have interest in any Youth Programs.

We have also made charitable contributions to a few local charities and have dedicated about 20 hours of community service time volunteering at STEM Lab and Thornton Recreation Center.

What’s next…

  • We are working diligently to formulate Corporate Wellness plans that will drive success for individuals but above all else for the company as a whole!
  • We are working to continuously drive improvement in our Youth programs so that we set as many kids up to reach their goals as we can!
  • We are partnering with elite coaches and mentoring a young coach to ensure that we can grow as our programs grow

How can you help/participate?…

  • Any contact information you have for local corporations who could benefit from having an on-site corporate wellness program is helpful
  • Participate by bringing friends to try their first class for free to any of our youth programs!
  • Let us know how we can help advocate for fitness and movement in youth by presenting at schools, leading seminars/workouts or getting involved with teams and athletic programs
  • follow us on social media (@gamereadyfit) and like, share and comment on our media.
  • share our website gamereadyfit.com with others so that they can learn more about our programs!

Thank you for your interest and participation in Game Ready Fitness, LLC! What a great year it has been so far and we are excited to fly it to new heights!


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