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Ryan Van Duzer Part III

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Ryan Van Duzer Part III

Ryan Van Duzer Part III

Today we consolidated the other super random questions and points that didn’t really fit with a common theme…so have fun while we hop around from topic to topic with Ryan.

You’ve done a few long races/events and have cycled across America more than once – can you talk a little more about those experiences..what you learned…how long it took.

I love my bike and traveling on two wheels is my absolute favorite way to move through a new place. My favorite aspect of this type of travel is meeting people along the way, I’ve made many friends in the middle of nowhere. Before riding across the USA, I never really knew my own country. After having traveled to many places in this great country, I’m more proud than ever to be an American. All along the way, strangers came out to help me and many invited me into their homes for a meal and a place to sleep. There are no political divides on a bike.

So in all professions and in all walks of life we love talking gear….what’s your go to bike right now and what don’t you leave the house without when traveling?

I have a few bikes. I have a full suspension Trek Fuel EX9 for mountain biking, a Trek 920 touring bike for my long distance travels, and a New Belgium cruiser bike for cruising around town and honking my horn. I’m a very minimalist traveler, I never check bags and only use a small carry on bag. That being said, I never leave home without my electric shaver, I like having a clean face!

[Ryan broke his favorite bike last year and he compiled his adventures on it for your viewing pleasure … an homage to a lost friend … https://youtu.be/iqtfxiuI7-8 ]

We know you’ve done a lot of volunteer/philanthropic work…do you have favorites from the past or any work that you’re excited about coming up?

Volunteering is very important to me, my mom instilled that value in me long ago. I like serving my community of Boulder, but also around the world. I’m not under any illusion that I’m saving the world, but I certainly spread lots of love and kindness wherever I go. My Peace Corps service in Honduras was monumental in my life, but I’ve also done some small projects with many other organizations. One in particular, Cooperative for Education, is great. Their mission is to provide scholarships to kids in Guatemala so that they can educate themselves and break the cycle of poverty. I don’t currently have any big projects coming up, but I will be creating content for a kids race in the Copper Canyons of Mexico this March. The goal is to promote physical activity. 

[We’ll just leave this one that Ryan documented right here https://youtu.be/CfatG4lImVw ]

Closing Remarks

What strikes us with Ryan is you can almost feel his energy and positivity coming out of everything he says. If you’ve watched any of his videos on YouTube or met him in person, his energy is palatable. Which brings us to our point – having and maintaining a positive outlook on life can bring you energy you thought you never had. Taking care of your fitness in small ways (30 minutes of activity & good nutrition to name just two), can help you find that balance. Ryan said it best…almost all of the content he produces is a result of some sort of athletic endeavor. From Nepal, to Mexico and across the Americas, he’s been able to immerse himself into other cultures as a result of his fitness.

Ryan – thanks for your participation! We wish you the best as you continue to travel and spread kindness through your content. And when you’re in the area, make sure to drop in on us…we ALWAYS have time for old friends! After all…what is life without sharing the best experiences with people you love and who love you!?

Make sure to follow Ryan on his YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/user/Duzaster) Channel and on Facebook and Instagram instagram.com/duzerfacebook.com/duzer


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