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Juliet Schutte!

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Juliet Schutte!


Our Featured Athlete for this go around is Juliet Schutte….a great athlete, friend, spirit, mother and enlightened mind. Juliet comes from a gymnastics background and now uses a functional fitness regimen as her main form of exercise. What makes Juliet unique though, is her ability to share her love and positivity with those around her. She strives to embody love and it is something that shows through in so many ways. So we won’t belabor the point and let you find out more for yourself….

Give us a little background about yourself…

Well, let’s see, I will just give you the educational background I suppose. 
I received my B.S in Exercise in Sport Science in 1995 after which I became a personal trainer on and off for the next 15 or so years.  While I was raising my little ones I did a lot of study in alternative healing and energy work eventually becoming a Reiki Master, completing the Hilton Johnson Wellness/life coach program, and becoming a Reconnective Healer.  I also received a second Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences and extensively studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The fact is I have always believed in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and that it is important to address the Whole Self – body, mind and spirit.

What is your profession?

I started a company called The Enlightened Body – Body, Mind and Soul Fitness/ The Human Being Project. 

What do you do to stay fit?

If you put them into categories of competition I do Crossfit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Obstacle Races, and Running.  I honestly just love the privilege of being able to move my body and love feeling strong!

What does fitness mean in your profession?

Body, Mind, Spirit Fitness is everything in my profession.  My own physical fitness, though, is SO important in what I do because I feel I need to be strong in order to lead others.  To teach strength, I need to BE strength.  Also, because I work with a lot of energy, it is imperative that I exercise my body to ground myself and release all of that.

Do you eat a certain way or follow a particular nutrition plan?

I eat mostly paleo but I have added in more carbs over time as I was trying to put on muscle.   And, I have donuts on Saturdays! 

What are your hobbies?

I read and study a LOT.  And, other than that I love to do anything with my kids!

Any advice you want to share with others? (How to manage stress….something you practice every day or regularly that helps you….discussing insecurities. You can take this anywhere you want to go)

I have so much I want to share with others but a few of the most important things are this…

Decide what your life is all about.   How do you want to show up in the world?  When people think about you, what do you want them to think or say about you?   Once you make this decision, and it may change over time, your life starts to smooth out because you know who you are and who you want to be.   Alll your decisions about your life become easier.   
For example:  I am love.  I want to show up as love and I want to be an example of unconditional love.  SO, when I need to make a decision I will ask myself.  If I were Unconditional Love like I say I want to be, what would I do?  How would I respond?  What next action would I take?  Etc..

The other thing is, you are responsible for your life.  You have all the power.  If you are in a “bad” place that may be hard to take but KNOW that it is the best news because that means you have the power to change it – at any time! 

Lastly, Love Yourself and Meditate.   It may seem like the current “phrase of the moment”, but nothing is more life changing than deciding that you are okay just the way you are.  And meditation… should be a no brainer by now!    It. Will. Change. You!   

You have an infectious positivity and energy…where does it come from and how do you maintain that outlook?

If you ask my mom or my siblings they will tell you that I have always been a very happy person.  Even when I was little I was always happy.   To be honest, being happy and positive is my natural state although I make a very conscious decision every day to be that way. 

Did you play sports as a kid and did you have an influential coach or mentor that has stayed with you?

I lived and breathed gymnastics for 6 years from age 11-17.    I absolutely loved it but then couldn’t compete my senior year because I injured my shoulder. 
I actually didn’t have an influential coach or mentor unless you say that my coach showed me how I did NOT want to coach.  That sounds bad but it was actually useful information to me.   Sometimes it is just as important to know what you DON’T want as it is to know what you DO want. 

As you can see Juliet shares an energy that is almost unmatched by those around her. She has the ability to show you love even when our challenged minds don’t think we deserve it. Juliet can be found at www.theenlightenedbody.net or at https//www.facebook.com/juliet.schutte14


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