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Mehgan Heaney-Grier Part II

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Mehgan Heaney-Grier Part II


Welcome back to Part II with Mehgan! This world renowned free-diver calls herself a work in progress even after having accomplished so much in her life already but she humbly shares her experiences with us to give more insight on practices that keep her moving forward.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier ascending from her North American record setting 165 foot dive in the waters of the Florida Keys. August 25, 1997.

Any advice you want to share with others? (ie. How to manage stress….something you practice every day or regularly that helps you…)

I am still such a work in progress in many areas, especially managing stress… I am a serial multi-tasker, which is admittedly a flawed mode of operation at it’s core.  So, when things get overwhelming (usually by my own design) I try to just allow myself time to take a step back – breathe – and adjust my focus down to tackling one thing at a time.

I am also pretty good about taking some time out for me, to get my exercise in and get the endorphins flowing. Things are not right in my world unless I am working out, I am a  mover and like to keep busy and that is the time for me to reset and find some inner calm and quite for a bit.  My routine is mostly cardio and weights, and aim for 5-6 days a week. I also try to work in yoga as well but I love to get out for a run, or do circuit training at the park… just to be outside and and moving does a world of good when it comes to stress. 

Lastly, I’m pretty serious about keeping lists.They help to keep me organized and act kind of like a purge valve for my brain so I am more able to focus on that task at hand. 

Did you have an influential coach/mentor that changed your life? How did that person impact you?

I did. On the fitness side of things, I had a few older friends that I hung out with in my later teens who I worked out with and would freedive train together. We all trained really hard and were good motivators for one another. I learned my way around the gym, free weights, machines, and also the value of hittin’ the road – run, run, run! Working out with these guys fueled my competitive spark and helped to grow my confidence at a fairly young age. With that confidence I set my sights on some pretty challenging goals and was able to maintain the discipline to work hard for what I wanted to accomplish.

Part of the way through my competitive freediving career I was fortunate enough to meet and dive with Freedive legend, Jacques Mayol.  We became good friends over the years, and spent quite a bit of time traveling together for our shared watch sponsor, especially in Japan. He had so many fantastic stories to tell of his experiences in the ocean and over time he shared these with me along with his philosophies on the sport of freediving, marine conservation etc. He had a huge influence on my relationship with the sea – how I approached my diving and helped to foster my stewardship for the sea.

As for life and overall influence, I’d have to say that I was shaped by my mom, who is an incredibly strong and influential woman. A real torch bearer and entrepreneur who demonstrated for me time and again, that if you have a goal get after it and make it happen! 

Take-away from today

Mehgan is a busy body…no doubt…but one point we want to call out today is that part of her fitness routine actually acts as a method to refocus her energy and helps her to rebalance herself when life gets hectic. The true reality of fitness is that just 30 minutes of daily activity can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by up to 80%. For Mehgan her fitness is PARAMOUNT when she’s free diving and helps keep her ready for any challenge ahead. Even that alligator knew better than to pick a fight with her!! We still have more to come with Mehgan, plus a cool announcement about the next project she’s working on, so keep your eyes out over the next couple weeks as we put out Part III of her feature!


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