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Meghan Heaney-Grier Part III

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Meghan Heaney-Grier Part III


So if she hasn’t wow’d you yet with her ability to hold her breath under the crushing pressure of 165ft of depth…or that time she was face to face with an American Alligator…..or her ability to dig up treasure on Treasure Quest: Snake Island….we’ve got more! Let’s dive in (pun intended)…and submerse ourselves in a day in the life with the beautiful Mehgan!

What first got you into free-diving?

Really it was the love of the ocean and enjoying the personal challenge. I have always been one to try and push my limits…. just to see how far I could go. You really learn a lot about yourself in that process – strengths, weaknesses – and develop a level of grit.  Additionally, growing up in the Florida Keys surrounded by this amazing blue world right out your back door – I was always out on and in the water!

Can you take us through a day in the life as a stunt double on a set of a big movie like “Pirates”?

When I work stunt diving jobs, each day brings something new and it’s always exciting! From the elaborate costumes, characters, sets – life size pirate ships, plane wrecks on the ocean floor, dark freshwater caves – it really never disappoints! Because my specialty is aquatic work, each day promises a lot of water and is often full of sharks = my happy place! No doubt it’s always exciting, incredibly fun and over the course of my time stunt diving I’ve met some of the most fascinating and wonderful people.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier trying out a new style of swim fin in the waters of the Florida Keys.

I will say however, that some of my favorite work is when I am doing the “stunt” work for myself. The real deal – out in the field exploring, researching or filming on an adventure in some “off the map” location. Over the past two years I was the expedition Divemaster, leading treasure hunting dives in South America. These were both hair-raising adventures and were featured on Discovery Channel’s,Treasure Quest: Snake Island television series so you can come along on the journey!

Any way you slice it, it’s an incredible feeling to put your skills to the test doing something you love to do. I love the adventure that working underwater promises, and tackling the challenges it often presents.

What’s in your gear bag…or what do you never travel without? We love to find out what people can’t live without….

My pocket knife, swimsuit, mask, camera and a good adventure book… and I typically pack my own hot sauce 😉

Closing Remarks

Look, Mehgan is an incredible athlete, marine conservation activist and now PRODUCER! In early 2018 Meghan will be leading a scholarship program for young divers. She will be filming all the while, creating a documentary web series called A Rising Tide. In March, in the 18 episode series, Meghan will serve as the series host, expedition guide and mentor to three fortunate students who will earn scholarships and become certified divers under her tutelage. Mehgan will have updates and the most recent news available for the series on her website and you can follow her on her social media TwitterInstagramFacebookYoutube

Mehgan, we can’t thank you enough for your participation in our athlete feature series and we wish you well in your newest endeavor. When you’re back in the home state, know you’re welcome to visit us and see what we do too!


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