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Adam and Julia!

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Adam and Julia!

This month we get to kind of do a double-feature! We had the pleasure of reconnecting with Adam and Julia….two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They’ll greet you with a striking smile and a big hug and are the kind of people that look you in the eye and make you feel like you’re the only person in the room when you’re speaking with them. Just great, salt of the earth, people. As we go along we’ll chat with Adam, chat with Julia and then explore how they support each other in living healthy lifestyles. Gotta love the love in our February featured athletes!

First, Give us a little background about yourself…


I grew up in Minnesota and got my degree in Marketing at North Dakota State University. I always enjoyed being active and outside growing up and that continued into college. Julia and I meet in college and got married on a small farm in Stanton, ND. We moved to Colorado in the Summer of 2014. We currently live in Buena Vista, a beautiful mountain town 2 hours west of Colorado Springs. I have my CrossFit Level 2, Level 1, and CF Kids certifications. 


I am originally from Montana, where I spent the majority of my childhood outdoors or involved in any sport my small town offered! My primary sports were Cross Country and Swim Team. I went on to study Architecture at North Dakota State University (Go Bison!) in Fargo, ND. This is where Adam and I met and where he first introduced me to CrossFit and where we first became CrossFit coaches. The rest is history, we moved to Colorado to pursue fitness further and to have the greatest natural playground right in our back yard!

What is your Profession?

Adam – I am a full time high school social studies teacher. I never thought I would be a teacher but with my marketing degree and my passion for coaching I was able to find a position teaching Economics at Buena Vista High School. I coach at a high school volleyball and track and field through BVHS. I have coached at many different CrossFt affiliates and now I am coaching classes at a local gym in our town. 

Julia – I am an Architectural Drafter and a Landscaper. I am lucky enough to have a great balance of time spent inside designing and outside working with my hands.

What does fitness mean in your Profession?

Adam – At first I would say that I would have preferred teaching PE at a high school but I have really enjoyed teaching in a traditional setting of a classroom. I like to move around the classroom when I teach and I try to stand as much as possible. Sometimes I will find myself doing air squats between classes to reenergize. My fitness has allowed me to stay energized throughout the day when working with teenagers and well as given me as sense of efficient work ethic when I am planning for classroom lessons. Lesson planning for time. 

Julia – As a Drafter I am grateful to have my fitness as an outlet. While sitting in front of a screen for an extended period of time can wear on the body, fitness to me is the thing that allows me to refresh both body and mind! And in the Landscaping world fitness is such a necessity. I am grateful that I learned prior to this career how to move my body well and move external objects well. Being healthy and fit in these profession is something I can definitely put to good use. Also, it gives an added element of surprise when the ‘small, young, female landscaper’ can keep up – even with the heavy lifting! 

What are your hobbies?

Adam – My love for the outdoors hasn’t gone away from my childhood days but now that I live in the mountains I have really enjoyed Paddle Boarding down the river, exploring for rock climbing routes, and overcoming terrain on a mountain bike. One thing I really like about all of these hobbies is they are better when done with a partner (which could also be a dog). Fitness is meant to be share with people around you and I have found I enjoy my hobbies more when I approach them with that same mentality.  

Julia – In the Fall and Spring I have the opportunity to work with High Schoolers in coaching Cross Country and Track! This will be my second year coaching for Buena Vista High School. I love how much this gives me the opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness with young adults who have so much potential and so much life to enjoy the process of being healthy!

Aside from that I love to put my body to work outside – from the mountain side to the river! Believe it or not, I am not the most naturally athletic person out there, but I am never afraid to try something new. And now that I know a lot of things about my body and how it functions so I can learn a lot more quickly than I once would have. It is so rewarding to be able to use all the hard work that I’ve put in in the gym toward the things that I enjoydoing outside the gym. 

Take – a – ways

Adam and Julia are always up to something in their beautiful part of the country! But what we want to point out, in answering our questions separately and at very different times, they still do a lot in tandem! We’ve said it before and we will say it again, having an accountability partner to accomplish your goals can play a major role in your success. It doesn’t always have to be your partner in life, although with Adam and Julia they live and breathe it. Next week we will talk more about their nutrition and what advice they have to offer others in being successful in their fitness endeavors so stay tuned!


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