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Adam and Julia Part II

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Adam and Julia Part II

This couple is all about moving and if you missed last week’s plug then read a little more about their backgrounds first. Then come back!

This week we get to talk a little more with Adam and Julia about their nutrition and about what advice they have for others who are breaking into the fitness world for themselves.

Do you eat a certain way or follow a particular nutrition plan?


I found Paleo immediately after getting my butt kicked by a hero workout, Tommy V, on my first day of a CrossFit class. I did a 30 day challenge with a buddy and I knew that a white and black list of foods was what I needed to stay focused on nutrition. Julia and I have done Paleo for many years together and find ourselves doing a more Zone prescription with Paleo to make sure we are getting all our our macros that we need. At the start it was eat mostly meat, a hand full of veggies, and a lot of almond butter; we quickly realized when you dial it in it seems to work better. 


If I am being completely honest, this is where Adam has done all the heavy lifting! I have a past of high carb, quick grab and go, comfort driven meals, that have now turned into well portioned meals of proteins, carbs, and fat. It is amazing to me how Adam went from one day eating the ‘Standard American Diet’ to cold turkey changing to Paleo/Zone, while I on the other hand took the slow approach of about 2 years of transition. Adam has also always been the cook of the house, so I am just lucky enough to have someone care for and love me in the way of weighing and measuring my food for me! At this point we weighed and measured for so long that we now have a good “eye-ball” for what portioning out food looks like and no longer bring out the scale. Also, luckily for us, we have officially mastered the Paleo Cookie.. which for anyone who has gone down the road of learning the difference between coconut, tapioca, and almond flour probably knows is quite a feat!!


Any advice you want to share with others? 


I have always like the simple CrossFit methodology. If you read Greg Glassman’s “Fitness in 100 Words”, you will see how simple it is. Since starting CrossFit I have notice that people are trying to find short cuts to getting more fit; that could be thinking that two a days or some bias programming will get them fitter faster. My advice to athletes on all levels is to trust what clean eating and constantly varied high intensity functional movement can do to your lifetime of fitness.


I think the biggest thing I like to remind people of when looking at fitness is what is your big picture goal. Remember that may look different that than other people’s goals, but that should be determining the things you’re doing and the way that you’re doing them. 

And if you’re working out and eating well and still slow to see results take a look at your:

1. Sleep

2. Water intake

3. Fish oil

Did you have an influential coach/mentor that changed your life? How did that person impact you?


My wife is the best coach I have. I am a stubborn athlete that doesn’t always do what my coach tells me but when I listen I realize that she means the best for me and my fitness as well as my overall joy for life. 


As much as I am always impressed and driven by the big time athletes and love seeing how they can do what they do, and as much knowledge and curiosity as I took away from Chris Hinshaw’s aerobic capacity certification (Yes, I loved it.. he’s pretty brilliant, you should go). Those will never be the people who changed my life or drive me on a daily. The coaches and mentors who did and continue to do that for me are the people who are in my life. My husband, my sister, my family and friend. Those are the people who inspire me to do more and to be bigger than I thought I could. Who teach me, not only by their words but even more by their actions and how they lead me. I am the person I am because of them and know that they will always continue to support, and drive me to be better. 

Closing Remarks

For as layered and complex as their routine is, Adam and Julia both said it best in their advice – simplicity. Do the small things right. Keep it simple, sleep and drink water. Enjoy your movement! Enjoy it with someone you love!

Thank you to you both for your time and best wishes for 2018!


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