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Super Mom, engaging middle school Teacher, energizing group fitness Instructor and all around badass…finding ways to describe this wonderful woman only gets harder and harder as each of her name days comes. Busy working Mom! She strives to destroy limiting beliefs for herself and for others and is always up for trying new sports. She’s an incredible example of how fitness is a driving force to how she conducts every other aspect of her life and spending any amount of time with her you find yourself completely captivated by the energy she gives to everyone around her. Her classes at Life Time tend to be packed with repeat offenders who attend her class, not because it’s an easy sweat, but because they are motivated by what she brings every single time. Don’t take our word for it though, let’s slide into Super Mom Stacie’s interview.

Give us a little background about yourself…

I’m a 42 year old mom, wife, teacher, and fitness instructor.  I have been married since 2003 and my husband, Dave, is a Denver Police Officer. Both of my sons play competitive hockey (Blake is an 8th Grader and Drew is 5th grade) which keeps us very busy.   


What is your profession?

I am a middle school math teacher.  Currently I teach at Silver Hills Middle School.  I am the “Healthy Schools” leader for our school so I work to implement overall health and wellness into the daily lives of the students and teachers.  This can be anything from brain breaks, to physical activity, to focused mindfulness.


I also work part-time as group fitness instructor at Lifetime Fitness.  I have been coaching group fitness since my college days.  I was Nationally Certified in 1995 and have been training ever since. 


What do you do to stay fit?

I love to be outside with my family.  Simple things like walking the dog to playing at the park keep me somewhat active.  But, if I’m honest, it’s much more than that.  I try to get challenging workouts in 4-5 days a week.  This means taking a HIIT class or lifting heavy with a friend.  We have a small gym in our basement, so I have the option of going downstairs for a quick workout if time becomes an issue.  I schedule my workouts just like I would for an important appointment.  The day before, I make sure I know when I can get it in and pack the appropriate clothes necessary if needed. 

I love trying new things.  I don’t like it when I hear people use their age as an excuse.  I want to continue to learn and grow…and get better…even now that I’m in my 40’s!


Did you play sports as a kid and did you have an influential coach or mentor that has stayed with you?

In middle school and high school, I ran track and played volleyball.  I encountered several coaches/teachers who instilled work ethic in me.  Not one particular coach stands out.  


What does fitness mean in your profession? 

To me, fitness is about balance and overall health.  A ripped body is not always a “mark of health”.  I love the way I look when I’m super lean, but I will be the first to say that super lean should not be a “mark of fitness.”  Fitness is about being able to perform your best (in whatever activity that is for you) whether that’s a power walk, a half-marathon, or a CrossFit competition.  It is also the way you interact with others.  If your training and diet interferes with your relationships with others, then it is my opinion that it’s time to re-evaluate.   


Do you eat a certain way or follow a particular nutrition plan?


I really try to eat clean the majority of the time.  This means “real” food rather than a lot of processed foods.  I also try to limit (or really avoid) sugar.  I go through phases where I’m more strict with my diet and there are times when I’m not strict at all.  Usually what happens is that if I’m not eating clean for a extended period, I start to feel sluggish, and just not very good at all.  This is when I will reign it in.  For me, sugar and “junk food” are addictive, and I just do not like the way it makes me feel.  Therefore, I do better just avoiding it rather than trying to “balance” it.  Additionally, I try not to follow a rigid “diet”; I don’t do well here either.   

I am a firm believer in meal-prepping.  I use Sundays to prep for the week. This way I don’t have to think about it again; everything is all planned out for me.  When I meal prep, I don’t find myself coming home starving and reaching for something quick and processed.  This is already done and I just have to grab it.   


What are your hobbies?

I love reading…anything from magazines to fictional books to nonfiction personal growth books.  In the summer, I love to go hiking, camping and water-skiing.  I also love working out and watching my kids play hockey and lacrosse.  


Any advice you want to share with others? 

Take it day bay day.  Each day is a new opportunity to be amazing.  


Closing Remarks

Seriously – I wonder how she fits all of this in, but Stacie’s a planner! As she mentions, she uses Sunday’s to meal prep so she can eat whole foods during the week without having to spend an hour each night on dinner and always checks her schedule the night before to outline in her mind when she will have time to get her workout in. It’s not flashy. It’s not about planning out year or 5-year goals. It’s about making the small things a priority in her life while balancing her full-time Mom, Wife, Teacher and Instructor duties.

Stacie – thanks for checking in with us and we are excited to have Blake and Drew back for some sessions after lacrosse season finishes this spring! Best wishes for a kick ass 2018!


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