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Coach Trevor

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Coach Trevor


Coach Trevor has been a mainstay on our staff for quite some time now. He brings a great passion for hockey kids and always elevates the energy in the room at the rink. Here’s a quick window into getting to know him and his background!

Q&A with Coach Trevor

Q:Give us a little background about yourself…

A: my name is Trevor Dravland I was born December of 1993 in Denver Colorado and I’ve been here my whole life.

Q:What is your profession?

A: I am a licensed electrician

Q:What do you do to stay fit?

A: I train 6 days a week doing CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, I also play hockey in an adult

League one night a week.

Q:What does fitness mean in your profession?

A: being fit as an electrician helps every single day. We can work in some awkward places crawling around or climbing on things so being mobile and having strength to move different things we work with is very advantageous.

Q:Do you eat a certain way or follow a particular nutrition plan?

A: I just try to eat clean foods and eat as much as I can. I have messed around with diets and counting and weighing my food but that takes time that I don’t seem to have anymore.

Q:What are your hobbies?

A: I enjoy snowboarding as well as weightlifting and training. I also like getting to the movies or just hanging out with my friends.

Q:Any advice you want to share with others? (How to manage stress….something you practice every day or regularly that helps you….discussing insecurities. You can take this anywhere you want to go)

A: if there is any advice I have to give to people, and young athletes especially, it is to never underestimate the value of strength training and play as many sports as possible. Growing up I played exclusively hockey up intel high school when I started playing lacrosse as well. Playing only hockey and not training anything else led to some muscular imbalances and lots of joint injury’s. I have had two major knee surgeries and an elbow repair as well and the things that have helped me the most have been strength training.

Closing remarks

At Game Ready Fitness we are always working hard to find elite coaches that bring awesome energy and a passion for coaching today’s youth. It is our commitment to see today’s athletes through to tomorrow’s games and teach them life skills to carry beyond their athletic careers. Stay tuned with us as we continue to expand our programs and our offerings in the summer of 2019 – we will have a Sports Performance Program at CrossFit Untapped in Louisville, CO and will be adding a youth barbell program towards the back half of 2019.


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