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Driving improvement efficiency and strength in the Olympic Lifts

Programming specific to your needs

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Elite coaching of proper lifting techniques to last a lifetime

Modifications and scaling to fit the whole team

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CJ 2021

Coach CJ

Owner & Coach

A former college football player with a passion for people, Coach CJ has multiple years of experience coaching fitness classes as well as young athletes. His passion for seeing others succeed drives him to bring unmatched energy and focus to each workout. He stays on his A-game, putting his own work in the gym every week and is a model for how consistency over time drives continuous gains. Numerous athletes have tried to out-squat or out-sprint him; he has yet to lose a challenge!

Mary 2021

Coach Mary

Owner & Coach

A college soccer player turned corporate professional, she has experience coaching athletes of all ages and all skill levels and leverages her Physical Therapy background knowledge to drive intentional results in each program. What makes Mary so good is her ability to get through to every individual in a very unique way. She understands balancing your fitness with your other life goals and is passionate about helping others towards their dreams. A weightlifter herself, you will catch her on the platform or with any Game Ready Program.

Trevor 2021

Coach Trevor

A formidable athlete, your neighborhood friendly electrician, and an OG Coach on the GR Staff – Trevor brings an engaging enthusiasm for coaching Youth Athletes in “his” sport, hockey. Trevor¬† has been with Game Ready since the beginning and has a knack for connecting with our hockey athletes. As an athlete himself, Trevor shares his knowledge and experience with each athlete by being a model for what a commitment to making yourself better can do for any athlete. You can catch him at the rink or at our gym working with our hockey programs.

Coach Cory

Coach Cory

Coach Cory (Sal) brings an unmatched enthusiasm and willingness to learn and grow! He builds incredible rapport with athletes of all ages and brings his A-Game and energy all of the time. His baseball background rounds out the Game Ready Team and we are happy to see him flourish as he continues to pursue his dream career in EMS and fire-fighting! As a long-time member of our staff, Cory showcases his experience across many of our programs and always displays a commitment to driving core foundational movements and a safe environment for youth to excel in.

Jenna 2021

Coach Jenna

Coach Jenna brings a passion for coaching youth, a constant interest in exploring fitness and nutrition, and a knack for imparting that knowledge through her caring way of connecting with youth athletes. Jenna brings the type of energy and connection that unlocks potential when athletes don’t see it in themselves. You can catch her at the gym most days with our sports performance programs and often squeezing in her own strength and conditioning programming in between coaching commitments.

Adrian 2021

Coach Adrian


Coach Jeff

Christian 2021

Coach Christian

Strike a balance at work, play and at home with personalized fitness plans to fit your lifestyle.