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Welcome To Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What can I expect out of my Corporate Wellness /Personal training Program?

The Game Ready Team will provide you with suggested meals, benchmark workouts and a daily workout designed to get you moving towards a healthier lifestyle. All you have to do is go to the Game Ready Workouts section and login to view your programming for the day.

Do I have to build my own Corporate Wellness /Personal training site?

No! Once you sign up your corporation, your employees will create a login to our site through a short registration process and BAM!, they’re ready to go. Each day every participant will come to the Game Ready site to view their sweat work.

Do I have to have a baseline level of fitness?

Heck no! You just have to be willing to try and your Corporate Team has to keep you accountable. Each workout is designed with easy modifications to fit any fitness level and can be performed each day with minimal equipment.

How do I register?

Simple, select a Fitness Programs that fits your fitness needs. Or just Contact Us! and provide a brief synopsis on what you are looking for. A team member will respond to you to start a package or challenge and on the day your program starts you and your employees will come to the website and login to start your work!

Does your nutrition plan work for everyone?

The general Game Ready Fitness template is meant to be used as a framework. Because everyone is different and their bodies have different needs, allergies and personal preferences, it is impossible for us to provide an all-inclusive plan. However, our recipes are tried and true and something one of our Game Ready Team members has tried or eats regularly.

Do I have to purchase any equipment before I start?

No. However, as you become more advanced you might consider a jump rope, resistance bands, a kettlebell and a door hanging pull – up bar.

What if I do not know the movement specified?

Each day we will link in videos of the movements within the day’s workout. They will be very short clips demonstrating the movement to be completed during the workout. Just do the best you can!

Acronym Key

AMRAP – as many reps as possible in given amount of minutes
Tabata – means you work for :20 and rest for :10 for 8 rounds
Fight Gone Bad Style – Perform each movement for 1 minute each and then 1 minute of rest before repeating the whole thing for three rounds total
EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute


*Please note that everything that Game Ready Fitness provides is a suggestion for programming for the day. How you perform the work is based on your own individual assessment of readiness and physical capacity to perform the recommended work. By using this website you understand and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Game Ready Fitness, LLC of any liability related to the use or misuse of website content. Please consult with your physician to assess whether or not activity or a fitness program is suited for you.