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Youth Sports Fitness

First, the Game Ready Fitness Youth Sports Performance class is an environment where we look to find out what skills your teen possesses, as well as what skills they don’t. From that assessment, we then create programming that will accentuate and grow your child’s current athletic ability, as well as help them develop new skills and become an even better athlete. Strength, conditioning, and all around general physical preparedness will be the very least your child can gain. Let’s get them #GameReady.

Class is appropriate for ages 10 and up and the first class is always free. Please stop down to inquire during a class time or use the Contact Us page so that we can find the right fit for your athlete.


Youth Training In Action

Game Ready Fitness offers elite multi-sports performance programing for teens in the Greater Denver Area. Your teen will:

  • Develop Agility
  • Sharpen Coordination
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Boost Cardiovascular Health
  • Build Sport Specific Skills

The Programs:

  • Youth Sports Performance @ CrossFit MOB – The Original Program – Focuses on speed, power and strength – this class uses slightly more resistance training to develop athletes further for their preferred organized sport!
  • YSP 5-8 @ CrossFit MOB – This program works stability, injury prevention, core strength, conditioning and overall General Physical Preparedness and suits the younger athlete!

Join Denver’s Premier Youth Sports Performance Program and your child will develop agility, sharpen coordination, increase flexibility, and boost cardiovascular health while focussing on a preferred sport.